Show 21: Mindee Harden

Mindee Harden has been to the top and the bottom of both her business life and her family life. Her rise with Boogie Wipes – from an idea to a million-dollar idea – and the fall, with company being sold, her receiving nothing, and her family falling apart, she’s come through it all with renewed energy and better perspective on motherhood, family life, business, and what it means to succeed. Mindee now has 6 kids in a blended family, own her own consulting business, and hates to cook but will totally do it if it means helping young mothers.

Mindee is a strong advocate for family-work balance, having a coach that is for you, and focusing on helping other have large purposes instead of large purses.

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Get some sage advice from Mindee’s father, learn why she loves guilt, and find out the definition of “wasband” in our latest episode.

Find Mindee online:

And pick up her book Boogie Wiped!

Show 20: Christina Conrad

Christina Conrad is the type of entremom that we all need in our lives whether we want to admit it to anyone but ourselves or not. She’s a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Somatic Experience Practitioner whose main message is “There is HOPE!”. She’s worked with domestic violence and sexual assault victims, was an adjunct professor, and now homeschools her and her husband’s three boys while helping those around her deal with the anxiety and trauma that comes with our over-stimulated society.

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You’ll learn why Christina can’t separate grace and unstoppability, how to deal with “shame gremlins”, and the first thing you should do when you feel anxious or stressed (hint: breathe). Don’t miss this incredible episode.

Find out more about Christina and her practice at You can also get Christina’s e-book Seasonal Affective Disorder: What Our Body Is Telling Us from the entremom’s resource section.

Show 19: Kelly Mize

Kelly Mize may not be your typical mom, but she’s a wonderful entremom!

Kelly tends to do things the hard way, whether it’s starting a fashion business in a recession or getting along with her husband’s ex-wife, she’s figured it out along the way. She now owns one of Tulsa’s premier fashion boutiques and has 3 fantastic bonus children. Her life advice is like her fashion advice: keep it basic and find pieces you can do a lot with. If it’s a white tee or a bit of good advice, apply them to different situations and you might be surprised at how versatile they can be.

Kelly encourages us to take risks, learn from mistakes, and keep moving forward. And ultimately, all you need is love.

Find out more about Kelly and LBD at You can also visit her store at 3524 S Peoria Ave in Tulsa, OK. Follow LBD on Instagram at and Facebook at

Show 18: Isabell Estes

Even coaches need coaches. So this show, we went out and found Isabell Estes – wife, mother of 3, and career strategist – a coach of coaches, you might say.

After transitioning out of her goal of being a pop singer, she began the path of gaining experience and honing her craft. Now she’s giving back to those that can learn from her experiences to find themselves. Because Isabell believes that everyone is unique and that, while you can’t do everything, you can partner with the right people to succeed.

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Speaking of maximizing gifts, Jen and Isabell connect on Whitney Houston, so here’s your daily dose:

Find out more about Isabell at You can also call her at (918) 296-9599.

Isabell lives by these books:

Show 17: Jessica Rhodes

Amazing podcast guests don’t just book themselves. Ask our amazing guest this week Jessica Rhodes! She’s the founder & CEO of, the premier guest booking agency for podcasters and guest experts. Besides book guests, she also hosts/co-hosts three different podcasts! Oh, and she and her husband are raising two kids…NBD.

Jessica has so many great tidbits that we’re not even sure where to start. Maybe we should start with carving out a space in your home that’s just your work space, if you work from home. Or how about how pricing is one of the hardest things in business but people are willing to pay for your service? Jessica now charges 5x her original price. Oh – how about knowing your weaknesses & delegating them out, just like Jessica does with her CFO husband.

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See what I mean? So much good stuff! Listen to the rest to hear what problem in society Jessica would solve and what her mantra is.

You can find Jessica at

Here are a couple of books that she mentions during the show:

Show 16: Tiffany Bluhm

Tiffany and her family are the micro version of the United Nations: she’s Indian, her husband is caucasian, and they have two sons – an adopted Ugandan and their mixed biological son. So, yeah, they’re used to it. Besides attempting to bring about world – and home – peace, Tiffany is a writer and speaker and leads basically the coolest women’s ministry ever, Sip.

Tiffany has written a book due out next year and writes for YouVersion. She’s also been featured in magazines like Scary Mommy, Deeply Rooted, and World Vision.

'Lead with vulnerability and you will find it is your greatest strength.' -Tiffany Bluhm Click To Tweet

Tiffany is all about embracing the fear and leaning in to the good things because, as she says, “What is for you will not pass you” and “The best is yet to come.”

Follow Tiffany on her website – – or go hang out with her on Instagram: @tiffanybluhm.

Tiffany’s recommended app: Genius Scan

Personal Assessment

Personal Assessment

Trajectory is extremely important to pilots. If a plane is off course by only 1 degree it affects their landing by around 92 feet. That may not sound like a lot, but it’s roughly 1 mile difference for every 60 miles they fly. Imagine a trip from New York to LA and your trajectory is off by 1 degree. Your plane would be landing about 40 miles off the coast and into the Atlantic! I’d say that was a disastrous miscalculation!

Life can be the same way. We have an idea of where we want to end up in certain areas of our lives but small and seemingly insignificant decisions get us off course.  Before we know it, areas of our life seem to have gotten out of our control and we end up in a place we never intended.

That’s why it’s so important to stop every now and then and purposefully look at where we are.  Are we on the path to our destination, or did we derail somewhere and get off track?  If we assess ourselves often enough, we can easily steer ourselves back to where we need to be. If we ignore it, we can find ourselves so far from the path that we can’t even remember where we were going to begin with.

How often do you think about where you are going?  Maybe you have a clear goal for your professional life, but you wander aimlessly in your relationships.  Maybe financially you have a plan, but spiritually you wander in the desert.  Today, we are going to take long honest look at where you are in 6 main life areas.

Take some time to answer these questions and then download our free personal assessment worksheet.

  1. Before you can know your trajectory, you need to know your path!  Have you ever thought about where you want to be in these 6 areas: personal growth, professional growth, faith, finances, relationships, health and wellness?
  2. When was the last time you stopped to intentionally evaluate how you were doing in these areas?
  3. Moving forward, how will being aware of where you are going and where you are help you to make better decisions?

Seasonal Affective Disorder: What Our Body Is Telling Us [ebook]

We are thrilled to introduce Christina Conrad, Licensed Professional Counselor and Somatic Psychotherapist. She has agreed to share her knowledge and expertise with our tribe via our entremoms digital platform.

Are you or someone you love recovering from or suffering from the “winter blues”?

We have worked with numerous clients who, despite their grandest goals, find that productivity can be a huge challenge during the winter months. Some people struggle from fall until spring. That is no way to live! Success is fleeting when motivation and energy decrease for up to 6 months out of the year!

Within this easy to read and practical e-book, Christina Conrad, offers hope, humor and a whole-body approach to addressing Seasonal Depression.

Regardless of what you call it – Seasonal Affective Disorder, Seasonal Depression, Winter Blues – if you suffer from it, this e-book is for you.

Do you believe your body and mood aren’t affected by the seasons? This e-book is a must-read for you, too. We are confident that you will have an a-ha moment (or 2 or 3).

We would love to hear how this $10 download changes your mood, your social life, your productivity, your marriage, and more!

This is a digital download that you will have access to download immediately after checkout. This is not a physical book.

Show 15: Monika MacIntyre

Even with 2 kids and a thriving business, Monika could be called very Zen – her business is staging homes, she is a big proponent of patience, and having a good balance in life.

Besides running a successful personal organization and home decorating/staging company, she’s also been a model and actress. In fact, she made her feature film debut as the back of Julia Roberts’ head in August: Osage County.

'You have to go back and analyze what you’re doing and why.' -Monika MacIntyre Click To Tweet

Monika says that patience is key – success doesn’t happen overnight. Download this show to hear why her secret sauce is “golden”.

You can connect with Monika and her business at,, houzz, instagram, or just by calling her at 918.671.0960.

Show 14: Lyndsey Reyes

Talk about totally owning being an entrepreneur AND a mom! Lyndsey Reyes (and her husband) founded James Mission – which seeks to help those in need – and has taken in over 27 foster children over 3+ years. They’ve also adopted two of the foster kids to go along with their own three boys.

Hear her incredible story and find out why her favorite book is…the book of James! You can also find out how they manage 5 kids’ schedules + their own. Hint: it includes a giant dry-erase board.

Find them at, their Facebook page, and their Instagram.