Mindee Harden has been to the top and the bottom of both her business life and her family life. Her rise with Boogie Wipes – from an idea to a million-dollar idea – and the fall, with company being sold, her receiving nothing, and her family falling apart, she’s come through it all with renewed energy and better perspective on motherhood, family life, business, and what it means to succeed. Mindee now has 6 kids in a blended family, own her own consulting business, and hates to cook but will totally do it if it means helping young mothers.

Mindee is a strong advocate for family-work balance, having a coach that is for you, and focusing on helping other have large purposes instead of large purses.

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Get some sage advice from Mindee’s father, learn why she loves guilt, and find out the definition of “wasband” in our latest episode.

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