Christina Conrad is the type of entremom that we all need in our lives whether we want to admit it to anyone but ourselves or not. She’s a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Somatic Experience Practitioner whose main message is “There is HOPE!”. She’s worked with domestic violence and sexual assault victims, was an adjunct professor, and now homeschools her and her husband’s three boys while helping those around her deal with the anxiety and trauma that comes with our over-stimulated society.

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You’ll learn why Christina can’t separate grace and unstoppability, how to deal with “shame gremlins”, and the first thing you should do when you feel anxious or stressed (hint: breathe). Don’t miss this incredible episode.

Find out more about Christina and her practice at You can also get Christina’s e-book Seasonal Affective Disorder: What Our Body Is Telling Us from the entremom’s resource section.