Kelly Mize may not be your typical mom, but she’s a wonderful entremom!

Kelly tends to do things the hard way, whether it’s starting a fashion business in a recession or getting along with her husband’s ex-wife, she’s figured it out along the way. She now owns one of Tulsa’s premier fashion boutiques and has 3 fantastic bonus children. Her life advice is like her fashion advice: keep it basic and find pieces you can do a lot with. If it’s a white tee or a bit of good advice, apply them to different situations and you might be surprised at how versatile they can be.

Kelly encourages us to take risks, learn from mistakes, and keep moving forward. And ultimately, all you need is love.

Find out more about Kelly and LBD at You can also visit her store at 3524 S Peoria Ave in Tulsa, OK. Follow LBD on Instagram at and Facebook at