Amazing podcast guests don’t just book themselves. Ask our amazing guest this week Jessica Rhodes! She’s the founder & CEO of, the premier guest booking agency for podcasters and guest experts. Besides book guests, she also hosts/co-hosts three different podcasts! Oh, and she and her husband are raising two kids…NBD.

Jessica has so many great tidbits that we’re not even sure where to start. Maybe we should start with carving out a space in your home that’s just your work space, if you work from home. Or how about how pricing is one of the hardest things in business but people are willing to pay for your service? Jessica now charges 5x her original price. Oh – how about knowing your weaknesses & delegating them out, just like Jessica does with her CFO husband.

'When you give yourself a separate workspace & designate your own time to your business, you value it more.' -Jessica Rhodes Click To Tweet

See what I mean? So much good stuff! Listen to the rest to hear what problem in society Jessica would solve and what her mantra is.

You can find Jessica at

Here are a couple of books that she mentions during the show: