Tiffany and her family are the micro version of the United Nations: she’s Indian, her husband is caucasian, and they have two sons – an adopted Ugandan and their mixed biological son. So, yeah, they’re used to it. Besides attempting to bring about world – and home – peace, Tiffany is a writer and speaker and leads basically the coolest women’s ministry ever, Sip.

Tiffany has written a book due out next year and writes for YouVersion. She’s also been featured in magazines like Scary Mommy, Deeply Rooted, and World Vision.

'Lead with vulnerability and you will find it is your greatest strength.' -Tiffany Bluhm Click To Tweet

Tiffany is all about embracing the fear and leaning in to the good things because, as she says, “What is for you will not pass you” and “The best is yet to come.”

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Tiffany’s recommended app: Genius Scan