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Jen Armstrong and Jenn Milroy

A snack-sized introduction to “entremoms

Mission: to encourage inspire and coach women to unleash their hidden potential and live the life of their dreams

From working with their private coaching clients, virtual coaching clients and their vision board workshop participants, they have identified a common thread among many of the participants. So many women desire to be in business for themselves AND have the flexibility to be home with their family.

They are on a mission to teach women how to tackle their overly busy schedules, monetize their passions, launch their business. The Jen(n)s want to coach women through making money AND spending more time at home. Ultimately, we want to help busy moms to build a legacy of significance.

Women with margin and resources will change the world!

They also discovered that there are common roadblocks and barriers that stand in their way.

Through the entremoms podcast and the entremoms virtual life coach membership, they will resource women with the skills they need go big in business and stay home! They will also share inspiring success stories (and of course you will also hear about the struggles and failures, too).

Imagine a world where you simultaneously employ skills and passions- more time at home with the people you care most about.

Imagine running your own company from laptop anywhere in the world

We have cracked the code on 6 key areas of life you need to manage in order to achieve success. Through this podcast series and our academy, we will coach you to ignite your passion and live the life of your dreams.

Visit the entremoms online store so you can dress to impress in super comfy gear AND drink your morning coffee from a GO BIG AND STAY HOME mug!

You are NOT stuck. Follow your dreams. What you want IS an option for you–go for it!

You are the boss of your life. Determine what you want and let entremoms help you get there. Jen and Jenn’s dream is to help others achieve theirs. The entremoms resources are designed to address your entire life, not just your business!

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