Show 04: Heather Brooker

You’ve probably seen her on your favorite tv show. Accomplished actress and mother of a 3 year-old daughter, Heather Brooker talks with the Jen(n)s about  motivation, how she survived the terrible twos, and the power of telling yourself to “be cool” . We’re so excited to have her on the show. Check out her insanely popular podcast and blog, Motherhood in Hollywood, at

Show 02: Jenn Milroy

Jen turns the tables on Jenn and we get to know Jenn Milroy better! She’s a registered nurse and rocker to the bone.

Tell us about your business.
When I had my son, I walked away from a lucrative career in the pharmaceutical industry to be a SAHM. People thought I was absolutely crazy walking away from a big salary, quarterly bonuses a company car and an expense account. Since I am a registered nurse, and with great sales experience, I knew that anytime I wanted to work- there would be plenty of opportunities. I had no idea just HOW many- ha! I have owned 2 LLCs- one by myself as a certified legal nurse consultant, and another with a dear friend. It was a small advertising business together that targeted new homeowners. I am also the queen of the side-hustle. My friends jokingly ask- how many jobs do you have right now. I manage a portfolio of multiple side-hustles or “side gigs” as some people call them, I have worked as a free lance clinical nurse device educator for device and pharmaceutical companies, I’ve had an amazing part-time gig that combined my love for marketing AND caring for patients, I have been a flu shot clinic independent contractor where I ran the business side and administered the vaccines in multiple retail locations, I’ve been a freelance curriculum writer for universities, I have worked as adjunct faculty for 3 universities I am currently contracted with 2 . I have also built a business with 2 amazing direct sales companies. I love to work. The freedom all of these flexible opportunities have given me to be a mom, to work and to satisfy my passion for serving in my son’s school, in our church and throughout our community is the perfect arrangement for me and my family.

Tell us about yourself.
I am a wife, mom, nurse, educator, life coach, PTA mom, soccer team mom, blogger, children’s ministry leader, prayer warrior, lifegroup leader and an aspiring author.

What advice would you give the 23-year-old you?
I would tell the 23 year old me you don’t have to choose to EITHER have a great career or to be a wife and a mom. I had this pseudo-feminist idea that if I got married and had kids I was selling out.  I seriously thought I was so cool when I would tell people that I would never get married and never have kids. I’m not saying that everyone has to get married and have kids but I will say my life is far greater having my husband and son than it would have been otherwise.

What has been the biggest barrier to your success?
A combination of self-doubt and fear.  The past year has been an exercise in crushing fears.  At times I have felt paralyzed by fear and self doubt. Over the past 12 months, I have put myself out there in ways I never imagined.

What is the secret sauce of your success?
Mission, mindset and managing time!
Adhering to my personal and professional mission of serving others.
Working daily to maintain a positive and abundant mindset and managing my time in a way that honors my priorities.

Do you have an epic failure that you would like to share?
Only one?  How do you only pick one? When my son was close to starting kindergarten, I was not looking for a full time job, but I had what appeared to be my dream job land in my lap. It was an opportunity to build my own business while working for a major health care company and earn a nice big salary. —they wooed me the promise of FLEXIBILITY!  What I soon discovered was I had been misled.  Of course it SOUNDED like my dream job- they told me exactly what I wanted to hear!  Their idea of flexibility was WAY different from mine.  I walked away.  I’m so grateful for the many lessons I learned from that experience.

Describe your ideal day.
I love this question because I feel strongly that everyone EVEN BUSY MOMS can create routines that produce “ideal days”. We can have ideal days even when we aren’t on the beach with a fruity drink in our hand!  I simply love mornings when I wake up on my own without an alarm. I like to start my day my mastering my mindset. I flood my mind with positive input- such as prayer, meditation, listening to my favorite podcasts. My ideal day has the perfect mix of family, lunch or breakfast with a friend, learning something new and meaningful work.

Do you have a life-changing tip, trick, hack or habit to share?
One that I love to share with my students and coaching clients is The Parkinson principle. It states that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. Let’s say you have a project with a deadline 3 weeks from now. You can start today and spend the next 3 weeks working on it. Or, you can determine the amount of time you need to complete the project and schedule that time on your calendar.  You might even find that it can be knocked out in one 3-hour work session if you can avoid distraction and stay focused.

The world-change question from the vision board workshop*
My everyday mission is to lead, encourage and inspire women. My “significance project” is ending hunger- I have righteous anger over the fact that in 2016, there are still people, including children, dying of malnutrition and starvation.  The fact that hunger and food insecurity exist anywhere isn’t OK with me.

What words of encouragement do you have for our listeners?
I am talking directly to the mom who questions whether or not she is ready to invest in herself to improve her life and maybe take the leap to become an entremom:  you were born for this! Everything you have learned, every victory, accomplishment, celebration AND every epic failure, bad day, struggle, and  broken heart, and struggle  have all prepared your for this very moment. The passion and desire that has been incubating — maybe you’ve talked it away because you are too busy – this is the time to bring that dream to life! You are the boss of you! Your calendar doesn’t own you, the scale doesn’t own you, those skinny jeans don’t own you. It is time to invest in yourself. You are going to be busy anyway. Wouldn’t you rather be busy investing in yourself and building a legacy? Wouldn’t you rather be busy doing something that could change your family’s future? Wouldn’t you rather spend your time using your gifts to serve others? Get on board. Join this entremoms community and let’s do this! Let’s be in this entremoms community together, conquer our fears, dream big and make a huge significant impact!

Tell us about your ideal client.
I love her dearly. She is a little frazzled, she might even be a total hot mess, she is busy, overwhelmed, passionate, puts others first, her family is her life, she has big dreams but she is standing in her own way and it is my mission to lead, encourage and inspire her.

What is your guilty pleasure?
The trifecta of watching Real Housewives, reading magazines and drinking Dr. Pepper.  Actually I don’t feel guilty about any of it- there is no shame in my game.  Favorite Housewives: New York and Orange County

How do you balance watching Real Housewives, motherhood, marriage and your business?
Let’s be honest. Some days I don’t. But I am very intentional about each of these areas. I am fiercely protective of our time together as a family, my time together with my husband and my time devoted to work. My calendar is the MVP in maintaining balance in my life, it is my brain, my personal assistant, and my life coach – managing it well is the only way I can keep my life organized and under control.

Personal growth, professional growth, relationships, physical/health,  faith and financial – of these key areas- where are you thriving and where are you surviving?
Great question!! I am so excited that we are going to be coaching our entremoms community through each these areas. I’ve found that no matter how much butt we are kicking in everyday life, there is always that one area where we are struggling. Right now I am thriving in relationships area. I can’t wait to share with everyone some of the specific things I have done to cultivate meaningful relationships. Not just within my family, but also with a network of women who are a lifeline for me. My area of struggle right now is physical/health. I have been focusing on this area for the past few months, but it is definitely my weakest area.

What is one tip you can give for managing life so you are fully present whether with family or business?
Just say no! Say no to any commitments that aren’t in alignment with your personal mission. When you say yes to one thing, you are saying no others, choose wisely. I recommend Lysa TerKeurst’s book” the Best Yes” to every busy woman.  Every busy woman needs to read it.

Favorite book/quote/verse/power word
Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?” -Martin Luther King, Jr.