Seasonal Affective Disorder: What Our Body Is Telling Us [ebook]

We are thrilled to introduce Christina Conrad, Licensed Professional Counselor and Somatic Psychotherapist. She has agreed to share her knowledge and expertise with our tribe via our entremoms digital platform.

Are you or someone you love recovering from or suffering from the “winter blues”?

We have worked with numerous clients who, despite their grandest goals, find that productivity can be a huge challenge during the winter months. Some people struggle from fall until spring. That is no way to live! Success is fleeting when motivation and energy decrease for up to 6 months out of the year!

Within this easy to read and practical e-book, Christina Conrad, offers hope, humor and a whole-body approach to addressing Seasonal Depression.

Regardless of what you call it – Seasonal Affective Disorder, Seasonal Depression, Winter Blues – if you suffer from it, this e-book is for you.

Do you believe your body and mood aren’t affected by the seasons? This e-book is a must-read for you, too. We are confident that you will have an a-ha moment (or 2 or 3).

We would love to hear how this $10 download changes your mood, your social life, your productivity, your marriage, and more!

This is a digital download that you will have access to download immediately after checkout. This is not a physical book.