Show 09: Shelley Brander

There haven’t  been too many people who would think about building an empire out of luxury yarn. But that’s exactly what Shelley Brander has done. Seeing a gap in her local market, she backed away from a successful marketing organization she ran with her husband to pursue her passion – and boy has it paid off.

Shelley has 3 kids and 2 successful companies. We try to get to the core of what fuels her parenting and business acumen. Most of it boils down to empathy, passion, and coffee! Find out how she gives back to the community, why you should get an accountant, and what course you can take to further your career.

Find Shelley’s businesses at and The planner she uses can be found at

Show 08: Heather Turner

Heather Turner founded Abbey Road Academy in the Tulsa area in 2011 and has been rocking ever since! She’s a wife, mom, singer, Evernote enthusiast, and dreamer – which is probably why we love her so much!

She encourages us to take big steps in our lives and careers, and warns not to take on the fear of others. She also reminds us to surround ourselves with positive voices, stay in control of our days, and shares a life hack on how we can make even our voicemail work for us.

'Make sure your daily time and tasks align with your bigger, overall goals.' - Heather Turner Click To Tweet

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Show 07: Whoa Susannah

Whoa! We still can’t quite believe that Whoa Susannah joined us on the podcast! We are incredibly thrilled to share some of her wit & wisdom with all of you. You’ll find out how many times she thinks Twilight should have been rejected and what quality she wished she would have had when she started. Plus find out what made her say, “Writer’s block is like constipation.”

Check out for her writings and to buy her books. She has a podcast at The Anna & Susannah Show and you’ll want to connect with her on Facebook because she has some hilarious videos!

Show 04: Heather Brooker

You’ve probably seen her on your favorite tv show. Accomplished actress and mother of a 3 year-old daughter, Heather Brooker talks with the Jen(n)s about  motivation, how she survived the terrible twos, and the power of telling yourself to “be cool” . We’re so excited to have her on the show. Check out her insanely popular podcast and blog, Motherhood in Hollywood, at