Show 15: Monika MacIntyre

Even with 2 kids and a thriving business, Monika could be called very Zen – her business is staging homes, she is a big proponent of patience, and having a good balance in life.

Besides running a successful personal organization and home decorating/staging company, she’s also been a model and actress. In fact, she made her feature film debut as the back of Julia Roberts’ head in August: Osage County.

'You have to go back and analyze what you’re doing and why.' -Monika MacIntyre Click To Tweet

Monika says that patience is key – success doesn’t happen overnight. Download this show to hear why her secret sauce is “golden”.

You can connect with Monika and her business at,, houzz, instagram, or just by calling her at 918.671.0960.

Show 14: Lyndsey Reyes

Talk about totally owning being an entrepreneur AND a mom! Lyndsey Reyes (and her husband) founded James Mission – which seeks to help those in need – and has taken in over 27 foster children over 3+ years. They’ve also adopted two of the foster kids to go along with their own three boys.

Hear her incredible story and find out why her favorite book is…the book of James! You can also find out how they manage 5 kids’ schedules + their own. Hint: it includes a giant dry-erase board.

Find them at, their Facebook page, and their Instagram.

Show 13: Kelly Roach

What can be better than a coach that has a background in cheerleading?! Kelly Roach is just that and we love her. NFL-cheerleader-turned-million-dollar mogul and mom, Kelly has the experience and knowledge to make a real dent in the world. She joins the Jen(n)s to talk about finding extra time in your day and utilizing that extra time for your hustle – doing whatever it takes to create success. Fortunately, she’s also completely grounded and talks about the power of patience and her secret sauce being one of our favorites: gratitude.

'You can’t be a miserable person when you are in gratitude for the millions of blessings that you’ve been given.' -Kelly Roach Click To Tweet

You can get way more of Kelly at her website: She has a live radio show/podcast called Unstoppable Success Radio at Maybe the biggest kicker is her FREE online training about cutting your workweek in half and double your clients at

Show 12: Laura Vanderkam

We all have 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week – how are some people just more efficient with their time? They always seem to get more done! Our guest this week is OBSESSED with time management and has written a few books on the subject. Laura Vanderkam is an author, speaker, blogger, and…oh yeah…MOM. She and her husband have four kids, so you can bet she knows a thing or two about time management.

'Just 3 things that matter done in a work day is 750 things done in a year.' -Laura Vanderkam Click To Tweet

She’s been on the TED stage and her newest book, I Know How She Does It, looks at some of the most successful women and their time management techniques. Check out her website to find out more about her and all of her books and writings.

Show 11: Bree Noble

The power of music is undeniable. That’s why we’re excited to have Bree Noble join us this week. Bree is not only a mom, but she has also started a music training program and is the CEO & founder of Women of Substance Music Radio & Podcast, which broadcasts female-only music 24/7.

Bree encourages us to be authentic and courageous by sharing our wins and our struggles. And, in her experience, people are much more willing to share their own struggles when one of us goes first. It just takes one brave entrepreneur and then we’re surrounded by people supporting each other.

You can find Bree at her business coaching site

And then her Women of Substance Radio & Host of WOS Music Podcast

Show 10: Nicole Dawson

We’d like to officially welcome our first entremoms guru, Nicole Dawson. She’s a Board Certified Health Coach who specializes in recipes for those with specific allergies. She’ll be a regular contributor to all of our content, focusing on health, fitness, and nutrition.

Nicole is a mom, wife, author, and blogger at, where she creates and shares recipes that are not just for her youngest child, who developed allergies very early on, but for you too! She joins the Jen(n)s and gives you a few simple things you can do right now that will help you take that first step to being healthier.

'Just start - even a small step is a step forward' -Nicole Dawson Click To Tweet

Check out Nicole’s website and Instagram for great stories and recipes.

If you’re interested in some health products endorsed by entremoms, go to And if you have specific health questions for our first guru, Well-being Coach Nicole, email us at [email protected]