Show 10: Nicole Dawson

We’d like to officially welcome our first entremoms guru, Nicole Dawson. She’s a Board Certified Health Coach who specializes in recipes for those with specific allergies. She’ll be a regular contributor to all of our content, focusing on health, fitness, and nutrition.

Nicole is a mom, wife, author, and blogger at, where she creates and shares recipes that are not just for her youngest child, who developed allergies very early on, but for you too! She joins the Jen(n)s and gives you a few simple things you can do right now that will help you take that first step to being healthier.

'Just start - even a small step is a step forward' -Nicole Dawson Click To Tweet

Check out Nicole’s website and Instagram for great stories and recipes.

If you’re interested in some health products endorsed by entremoms, go to And if you have specific health questions for our first guru, Well-being Coach Nicole, email us at [email protected]