About Us

The story of entremoms is simple yet profound.  Let us first introduce ourselves.  We affectionately call ourselves “the Jen(n)s”.  We are two professional life coaches who crossed paths through a mutual friend.  By our second coffee date, we were convinced we had somehow been separated at birth. Since we were too old to switch places at camp, we decided to start a business together.  

For as long as either of us could remember, we have been dreamers and doers.  Words like “no” or “can’t” have never been big in our vocabulary.  As coaches we each made it our mission to help other people pursue lives of passion and significance.  However, one thing we began to notice was the number of people losing sight of their dreams and ultimately conforming to the masses.  Whether it was busy schedules, tight resources, or lack of planning, it seemed our clients were allowing everyday life to silence their purpose.  

Additionally, the weight of a hurting and broken world seemed to paralyze even the strongest, most resilient women.  We thought “WHAT IF” the answers to the world’s problems reside in the hearts and minds of everyday individuals?  That’s when we had the idea for the Significance Project.  The idea was to reignite the dreams and passions inside of women.  We wanted to remind women of their dreams, encourage them to live fully and use their lives to impact those around them.

As we pursued the Significance Project, another common thread was discovered: so many busy moms running their own businesses or busy moms with the desire to run their own business needed practical help and encouragement to achieve success.  We both had quit jobs in the corporate world to pursue our own ventures and we knew how to navigate starting a company without neglecting our most important priority, our families.  We knew that we could resource these women with what they needed to succeed.  Entremoms was born.  

We set out to find a way to coach these women but realized that while everyone can benefit from having a coach, not everyone can afford the time and money it costs to have one.  That’s when we decided to offer premium coaching at non-premium prices, making it practical, simple, affordable and accessible to ALL women.  The result was the creation of the “entremoms Virtual Life Coach monthly membership”.   

Our vision is to transform women’s futures by giving them access to the best resources that will inspire, teach, grow, and strengthen them in every area of their lives.  We want to teach them how to identify the things they are passionate about, learn how to monetize them so they can increase their finances, and then inspire them to use their resources to help those around them.  By making it affordable and simple, we hope to reach those who need it most!

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